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From 1982 to 1985, she obtained certifications as a SCUBA Instructor from FIPS/CMAS & PADI.
Founder and Manager of ALBATROS TOP BOAT .
After a few years working in the family business, from 1985 to 1989, she also worked with Francorosso TO as a SCUBA instructor in the Maldives and as a Tour Leader in Thailand.
Her love for the sea led her, in 1990, along with Massimo Sandrini, to organize SCUBA Cruises in the Maldives as a manager and SCUBA instructor.
From 1992 to 2009, she opened and managed Diving Centers on various islands in the Maldives and in Italy.
Since 2011, she has been the owner and manager of the Tour Operator LUXURY YACHT MALDIVES/ALBATROS TOP BOAT.

A sports enthusiast by passion, Marta Giachini has a boundless love for the sea in all its facets, starting from a young age. She has had the opportunity to travel the world for family reasons and later for work, as she turned her job into a passion.
In 1992, she began working as a PADI Divemaster in Favignana, and from there, she ventured to Egypt, the Caribbean, Mexico, Kenya, the Maldives, and more. She became an SSI Instructor in 1996 and a PADI Instructor in 1997, collaborating with ALBATROS TOP BOAT.
Over the years, while gaining experience, she worked as a Diving Center Manager and Cruise Director. She occasionally worked in the tourism sector in office booking and sales roles for travel promotion.
In recent years, she has also had the opportunity to gain administrative, managerial, and accounting experience in Italy. However, the call of the sea led her to the place she loves and knows the most in the world: the Maldives archipelago, as a Manager for Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat), with whom she has had a longstanding collaboration. She works onboard of MY CONTE MAX & MY DUKE OF YORK. 

Monica has been a PADI INSTRUCTOR
for approximately 15 years. After starting her professional career in Sardinia, she traveled to the Red Sea, Australia, and Indonesia, gaining diverse work experiences in Diving Centers and Cruise Boats.

She eventually landed in the Maldives, where she began collaborating with Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat) since 2017 as Boat Leader working onboard of MY CONTE MAX & MY DUKE OF YORK.

Stefano is a MASTER SCUBA DIVER TRAINER with certifications from PADI, ACUC, and IANTD since 1998. He has collaborated as an instructor/manager in various Diving Centers, including EUROSUB Dive-center in Italy, Red Sea Egypt, Kenya, ALPITOUR Tour Operator Italy, Blu Dive Center (H. Mandarin Mex), and the SplashResort USA & ScubaLibre Dive Center in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
In 2002, he combined his passion for diving with mechanical knowledge, qualifying first as a Subsea Technician in Rome and later specializing in England and Scotland, obtaining international IMCA certifications. He has worked inshore and offshore in various shipyards, often in the oil and gas industry, in Italy, England, Scotland, Angola, Kuwait, Iraq, Israel, Congo, Nigeria, Albania, Croatia, and Egypt.
Since 2006, he has also managed and commercialized boat rental companies, obtaining licenses as a Boat Pilot, Motorist, and Skipper. He continues his passion for SCUBA instruction and has been collaborating with Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat) since 2018 working onboard of MY CONTE MAX & MY DUKE OF YORK.


Giulia holds a Scientific High School Diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences (class L-13) from the University of Milan. She is currently enrolled in the first year of Marine Biology at the University of Genoa. She is a REC INSTRUCTOR TSA, SCUBA INSTRUCTOR PSS, and Night Diving Instructor PSS.
She collaborates as an instructor with Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat) working onboard of MY CONTE MAX & MY DUKE OF YORK.



In 1997, Mohamed Rasheed began his collaboration with Albatros Top Boat as a Compressor Boy. His passion for the sea immediately led him to pursue various scuba diving courses, eventually earning his first Open Water PADI certification and advancing to become an ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR.
He deeply enjoys his work and over the years has developed a technical expertise, specializing in the maintenance of scuba equipment and compressors.
In addition to his role as a scuba instructor, Mohamed is an avid fisherman. Besides guiding scuba diving groups, he also serves as a guide for fishing expeditions. He has remained a dedicated member of the with Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat) working onboard of MY CONTE MAX & MY DUKE OF YORK. 


Ali ‘s journey with Albatros Top Boat began in November 1997, starting as a Crew member and later becoming the captain of the Dhoni. However, his passion for the sea quickly led him to pursue a professional career in diving. Prior to entering this field, he was a professional football player, and to this day, he maintains a deep love for the sport.
Even after more than 26 years, Ali Abdul Gadir continues to collaborate with Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat), thoroughly enjoying his work and the interactions with clients.
He is working onboard of MY CONTE MAX & MY DUKE OF YORK.


In 2004, Boeee-Hafeex began working as a waiter on a Safari Boat for Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat). Throughout his career, he has experienced various roles, all on cruise boats, starting his journey in the world of diving until he achieved the PADI DIVE MASTER certification.
With a deep love for his work, he embarked on his career as a Dive Master in a company in the Maldives for the past 12 years. He now collaborates with Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat) working onboard of MY CONTE MAX & MY DUKE OF YORK.

A native of Livorno, Francesca Miccoli has been a Recreational Instructor and Trainer since 2003. She has served as a Safari Director for Albatros Top Boat and other affiliated operators since 2013.
As a passionate explorer of the world’s seas, she has been writing about diving and the life of a diver for educational purposes, magazines, and newspapers since the beginning of her professional journey.
She is a collaborator and SCUBA INSTRUCTOR with Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat). 

Andrea has been a SCUBA instructor since 1991, holding the qualifications of 2nd-degree FISPAS/CMAS instructor and Professional SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer. He is also an instructor for DDI (Disabled Divers International), DAN (Divers Alert Network), and swimming.
He holds a 3rd-level certification in SCUBA instruction from CONIBREVETTO and is a Tec Gas Blender. Andrea is certified in Coltri compressors and holds a boating license.
He has been collaborating with Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat) since 2010.

Muzey is an ocean lover and Video Maker born and raised in the Maldives. His connection with the ocean began at a young age when he started surfing on his home island in the southern Maldives. He later joined the Luxury Yacht Maldives (Albatros Top Boat) team and had the opportunity to explore the underwater world, falling in love with the many creatures of the ocean.
He is an experienced DIVE MASTER who creates beautiful VIDEOS to share his passion and extraordinary encounters. He is also involved with local NGOs and collaborates with them to produce informative videos about the numerous challenges facing coral reefs.
In the future, he hopes to experience even more incredible dives and witness the thriving of the coral reefs in the Maldives. 

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