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Sun, sand and surf, a thousand ‘Robinson Crusoe’ islands, massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, fantastic waves breaking on the reefs, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical surfing holiday destination.

Waves throughout the Maldives generally ranges in size from 4-8 feet, however bigger days have been experienced. The best waves can be experienced from March to October, with the biggest swells likely to occur in June/July/August. There is something for everyone when you surf the Maldives, it is possible to escape the crowds and enjoy some of the warmest most pristine water you have ever experienced.

Due to location of the sites it’s impossible to surf all the spots staying in one island resort or Guest House but most of the surfers make use of LIVEABOARD to surf the different spots around:

  • MALE: North and South Male' atolls,
  • CENTRAL ATOLLS: Meemu - Dhaalu & Laamu
  • THE SOUTH : Huvadhoo & Addu atolls.


Boat Trip is the best option to explore the surf in the Maldives. These yachts allow you to explore uncrowded and nameless surf peaks on this tropical paradise and, even on more demanded peaks.

Surf Maldives Yacht

This is a unique experience for the surfers and offers the chance to surf as many spots as you wish. Touring on boats allows total flexibility, maximizing your surfing time. Wake up to perfect waves at sunrise, followed by hearty breakfast, one more surfing session …
Cruising in the Atolls of Maldives provides tranquil sailing conditions, short distances between breaks, your choice of lefts and rights, and your choice of intensity.


The best time to Surf in the Maldives is from MARCH TO NOVEMBER.

Northern Atolls & Central Atolls: the surf is best from May to November. The northern atolls have the most crowds due to the number of land-camps available.

Southern Atolls: the surf is best from March to April.

The best season for Surfing is determined to a large extent by the monsoon circulation. Each year there are two monsoons seasons, the north-east monsoon, ( local term, "Iruvai" ) from December to April and the south west monsoon, ( local term, "Hulhangu" ) from May to October. The prevailing winds that can become quite strong, are from the SW-W-WN during the south-west monsoon, Hulhangu and N-NE-E during the north-east monsoon.


  • December - April / NE Monsoon, Iruvai - Good weather for tourists
  • April Transition Period
  • May - November / SW Monsoon, Hulhangu - Good for surfers
  • November Transition Period

Maldives Surfing Season

Best Surfing SeasonLowLow/HighHighPeakLowLow
Typical Swell Size (Ft)2ft - 4ft3ft - 6ft5ft - 6ft6ft - 8ft4ft - 6ft2ft - 4ft
Surf EquipmentBoard/shortBoard/shortBoard/shortBoard/shortBoard/shortBoard/short
Water Temp. °C27 °C29 °C28 °C27 °C28 °C28 °C
Air Temp. °C27 °C39 °C28 °C27 °C27 °C27 °C

The biggest waves and offshore winds happen in June, July and August but tropical storms can be more common in these months. February, March, April and May have good swell consistency with more favorable weather conditions. September and October are very consistent months for swell, with shifting winds and tropical storms becoming less frequent. November is still quite consistent for small to medium size waves and the weather is usually perfect.



NorthSouthMale surfing


The Malé Atolls are the definition of surfing perfection. These atolls are the most popular in the Maldives given their wave consistency and variety – rights & lefts, with everything from long rippable walls to hollow barrels. Blessed with great south swells, this tropical surf heaven offers waves for all levels of surfing. The access to the surf breaks is easier than most of the Atolls, with larger amounts of available land camps, like resorts and guesthouses on many Islands.

Checkout below the BEST PLACES to surf in the Maldives.

Wind: NW. NNE Swell: S. SE Left hand reef break

Villingilimathi Huraa (Kuda Villingili), Eastern reef of North Male' Atoll:
Requires speed. Long, excellent left-hander that has two sections. A pleasant thin, peeling, racing lip. However conditions must be perfect, otherwise it's not makeable.
Intermediate & advanced

Wind: NW /WN Swell: S. SE Left/Right hander

Thulusdhoo, Atoll Capital. Eastern reef of North Male' Atoll: A short but intense ride. A big wave tube spot. A steep barreling takeoff, then a very shallow inside section that opens up even more than the takeoff. Best on mid to high tide, however, can be surfed at low tide if the swell is big enough.

Ideal on a straight south swell and winds NW however, can be surfed in winds from any direction W - N. Named after the Coca-Cola factory on the island, beautiful view of palm fringed beach from the surf zone. Access by boat.

Wind: NW/NE Swell: SE Left hander

Lohifushi Island. Eastern reef of North Male' Atoll: Good and hollow left-hander with two sections. Need big SE swells and high tides to work well. Best during NW-NE offshore winds. Named after the island resort Lohifushi.
Access by boat even from Lohifushi island.
Intermediate & Advanced

Wind: W. NW Swell: SE. E Right hander

Kanifinolhu Resort. Eastern Reef of North Male' Atoll: Slow right-hander, good for beginners and long-boarders. Best on W-NW winds with a moderate S swell. However swells larger than 4 feet spoils it. Named Ninjas because many Japanese surfers seem to like it. Access by boat.
Beginner - Swell size: 1-5ft

Wind: N. NE. NW Swell: S. SE Left hander

Dhonveli Resort - Kanu Huraa. Eastern reef of North Male' Atoll: Perfect long left, which picks up more swell and is more consistent than any other break. ‘Macaroni Bowl'-a second tube section, which develops after the fast take off section, mellows out for a cutback. ‘Lockjaws' - if you are game try out this very fast and shallow end section, which comes after the ‘Macaroni Bowl'. Rides are 75 to 100 yards long.

Reserved for the exclusive use of the resort guests. (Strictly enforced by Dhonveli Resort management) Best winds; N, but can be surfed with NE-NW. Best months - February, March and April. Accessible from the shore and by Boat (with permission from Dhonveli Resort only).
Intermediate & Advanced - Swell size: 2-10ft

Wind: W. N Swell: S. SE Right hander

Thamburudhoo ( Uninhabited Island ), Eastern Reef of North Male' Atoll: Excellent, long, world-class right-hander. One of the most consistent waves of Male' Atoll, which never closes out, even on the biggest swells. The take-off is a steep outside peak called ‘Phantoms', which slingshots into a very long, walled, super fast section called the ‘Pinnacles', over four feet. All three sections can be thrilling, almost insane tubes. Rides are 100 to 150 yards. Best on high tide with any wind from W to N.
Every level - Swell size: 2-15ft

Wind: S.W. Swell: SE. S Right hander Swell size: 1-10ft

Jailbreaks is a fast right-hand reef break in front of Himmafushi island on the North Male Atoll. It offers up to 300 meters ride and several sections. Once a national jail and recently opened to surfers, this wave can provide some barreling experiences. At a walking distance of Jail Break Surf Inn at Himmafushi Island.
Intermediate & Advanced


Wind: ENE. N Swell size: 1-10ftLeft hander reef break

Thamburudhoo ( Uninhabited Island ), Adjacent to ‘Sultans'. Eastern Reef of North Male' Atoll: Long, left-hander. Starts small and increases in size and intensity as it wraps 90 degrees around the island. A six feet wave on the take-off will end up at least eight feet on the end section, called ‘Fred's Ledge'. Long rides and tubes through all sections.
Best on low tides unless swell is huge. Best winds, ENE-N (this is the only wave that works on a ENE wind). Best swell, straight S. Best months for this wave, February, March and April. Affected by strong currents in the Southwest monsoon from May to October.
Every level

Wind: SW Swell: N. NE Right hander
Kandooma Resort, Eastern Reef of North Male' Atoll: A short right that needs a big swell. Best SW winds

Wind: S. W Swell: N. NE Right hander

Furana Fushi Island, Eastern Reef of North Male' Atoll: Long, right-hander, offshore in winds S to W. Breaks rarely and only large swells. At three feet it has a dry reef to surf on. In the big swells of 1987, when many of the islands were flooded, this was surfed at a perfect six to eight feet.

Wind: W Swell: S

Male', the capital. Eastern reef of Male', Southern tip of North Male' Atoll. A couple of shifting peaks, popular with locals, riding surfboards and boogie boards. The reef picks up plenty of swell. Best in W winds. Accessible from the shore.


Wind: N. Swell: S Left hander

Miyaru Faru near the island of Gulhi, inhabited island, Eastern Reef of South Male' Atoll:
Sectiony left, which picks up more swell than most of the breaks in South Male' Atoll. Can have a good end section in a big S swell. Best in N winds, the higher the tide, the better. Access by boat.

Wind: W. EW Swell: N. NS Left/Right hander

Gulhi, inhabited island, Eastern Reef of South Male' Atoll: A mushy spot that seems to attract swells. Refractions in the waves caused by the reef sometimes make for a slow but interesting ride. Access by boat.

Wind: W. NW Swell: S. SE Right hander

Gulhigaathuhuraa, uninhabited island attached to Palm Tree Island Resort. Eastern Reef of South Male' Atoll: Really nice, fast little right-hander that picks up less swell than most other places. Best in winds W to NW. Named after the resort workers' quarters on the island.

Wind: NW. N Swell: S. SE Left hander

Boduhuraa, Uninhabited Island near the Palm Tree Island Resort. Eastern Reef of South Male' Atoll: Small short left. Best in winds NW to N

Wind: W. SW Swell: N. NE Right hander

Guraidhoo island. Eastern Reef of South Male' Atoll: Small reef in the middle of the channel on the southern side of the island; fast right-hander, one of the best waves in the area. The area is subject to strong currents. Best on W to SW winds. Access by boat.


For most of the surfers, the Central atolls might be the adventure of a lifetime. Since the only way to access most of the waves in this part of the country is from a surf charter, you will hardly find someone else surfing with you.
The Central Atolls you’ll be able to find all kind of waves for every level of surfing – mostly rights – with the next peak just around the corner.
Check out the best surf spots in the Central Atolls

CentralAtolls Surf


These breaks have been rarely surfed and perfect waves usually go unridden. The breaks are unique for many surfers as only few boats take its trip down to MEEMU Atoll.

Right hander

An excellent right-hander take off which leads you to an intense wrapping section at the end. Breaks 3 - 6 ft.

Wind: W. SW Swell: SE Right hander

Muli is the main break that you can surf in Meemu Atoll. This right-hander itself is worth a trip from Male. When it is working well, the ride is endless, sometimes offering hollow sections for tubing. 
Intermediate or Advanced - Swell size: 1-10ft


Like the Meemu Atoll reefs, the breaks in Dhaalu Atoll have also been rarely surfed and perfect waves usually go unridden. The breaks are unique for many surfers as only few boats take its trip down to Dhaalu Atoll. Two of the currently famous breaks are:

Wind: W. SW Swell: N. NS Right/Left hander

Eastern reef of Dhaalu Atoll: picks up more swells and is more consistent throughout the year. Best winds; W and SW with breaks 4 – 8ft. Accessible by Boat.
A perfect Left hander. Breaks 4 – 10ft

Wind: Swell: Right/Left hander

Eastern reef of Dhaalu Atoll

Wind: Swell: Right/Left hander

Eastern reef of Dhaalu Atoll

Wind: W. EW Swell: S Right/Left hander

Eastern reef of Dhaalu Atoll: Best winds; W and EW with breaks 3 – 6ft.


Being open to all swells of the Indian Ocean with directions ranging from E to S and W, the atolls of THAA and LAAMU have recently been discovered for their surfing potential as, thanks to some of their passages between the reefs, boasts some top-class quality waves. Thanks to waves like the Mikado and Yin Yang, known for their tubing, the Central Atolls are tropical perfection under the right conditions.

Wind: Swell: S-SW Left hander

Malik’s is a left-hand reef break that offers long, quality barrels. Not always living to these perfection standards, the right setup of conditions is essential. This long, fast but inconsistent left, can give you some high-quality pipes.
Intermediate or Advanced - Swell size: 3-10ft

Wind: E Swell: S. SW Left hander

On the west coast of Thaa atoll, there is Bowling Alley, a wave that breaks on a rather high seabed and tends to close-out in the internal reef of the atoll.
This spot is a picturesque left-hander perfect when there’s a southwest swell and an east wind.
Intermediate or Advanced - Swell size: 3-10ft

Wind: E Swell: SE. SW Left hander

Finnimas is a well-known shallow left-hander that provides some fun on the right conditions. Is an exposed left that needs NE, N winds or a light NW breeze to break well; occasionally a discrete right is also formed in the channel between the reefs.
Intermediate or Advanced - Swell size: 2-10ft

Wind: E Swell: SW Right hander

With a stunning backdrop made of palm trees and turquoise water, Inside Mikado is a right-hander reef break that offers some barrel rides. This spot is sheltered by Kanimedhoo Island and works best on the mid or high tides with a 6ft southwest swell.
Advanced - Swell size: 2-6 ft

Wind: E Swell: SE. SW Right hander

Advanced - Swell size: 2-8ft
In Thaa Atoll, Outside Mikado is a consistent spot with a powerful and fast right-hand reef break that offers hollow walls.

Wind: Swell: hander

East of Thaa atoll, in the easternmost tip of the Veymandhoo pass, there is Adonis, a good right better with N winds. The SE-SW swells first hit Outside Mikado before refracting in the internal reef. This spot sends right waves that increase in quality at high tide.

Wind: E Swell: SE. S Right hander

As the name would suggest, this mechanic and tubular right-hander is one of the most consistent in the LAAMU Atoll.
It is usually the best option on this side of the atoll, as it features fast, cooing rights that become perfect on the rising tide. It is surfable even with small swells
Intermediate or Advanced - Swell size: 2-6ft

Wind: E Swell: SE. SW Right hander

Yin Yang is the most consistent wave in the area, which works best with strong SE swells. When the ideal conditions are formed, the large tubes and innermost wave section do not miss even the smallest errors. The outermost section instead breaks on a very high seabed and could be a valid option to check when the NW wind ruins the innermost section. With the SW wind the opposite happens: the external section becomes active and choppy while the internal one starts to work at its best.
Easy accessible if staying at the Resort at Six Senses Laamu.
Advanced - Swell size: 2-12ft

Wind: Swell: hander

If the swell is big and the wind NW, it might be worth checking out Mada's, a short and fast left.

Wind: Swell: hander

Bedhuge is a perfect and remote right that breaks with big SE swells and holds any W wind.

Wind: Swell: hander

Along the pass there are also Refugee's Lefts and Refugee's right.

Wind: Swell: hander

At the northeast tip of the atoll is Isdhoo Bank, a rarely surfed right that only starts to break with heavy S-SE swells accompanied by S-SW winds. Charter boats stop here when in transit to the southernmost atoll.


SouthernAtolls Surf

The southernmost atolls are composed by Huvadhoo Atoll (Gaafu Dhalu) and Addu Atoll. They boast a dozen good spots, in an area navigable in just 2-3 hours. Charter boats are the best way to surf these spots.

BEACONS (Fiyoari)
Wind: NNE. NNW Swell: S. SE. SW Right hander

Considered as the "top" wave of the Maldives, here it is possible to ride right-hand waves on a low and captivating reef that tends not to forgive even the smallest mistakes. Heavy and hollow perfect Right hander. Breaks on a shallow Reef. Take off is on about 2m deep water, as it comes around in the inside section it breaks on a very shallow reef, the best one is over 4 feet swell.
Advanced - Swell size: 2-10ft

CASTAWAYS (Farukolhuhuttaa)
Wind: WSW.WNW Swell: S. SE Right hander

A good right hander, easy take -off and when it comes around the inside section, it gets shallow and hollow. One of the best waves around the area. Very shallow only to be surfed on high tide, when the swell is over 4 foot breaks out the back where a fun wave can be had, and you make the choice to keep going through to the inside where it hits the shallow ledge and gets a bit tricky.
Intermediate or Advanced -Swell size: 3-8ft

Wind: SW.W. WNW Swell: SW. SE Right hander

Blue Bowls on Huvadhoo Atool is a long and smooth right-hand point break, surfable in all swells and tides, providing an easy ride with good maneuverable sections.

Perfect right hander with an easy take-off and when it comes around the inside section, it gets shallow and hollow. One of the best and consistent breaks around the area. It breaks best from 3ft to 6ft.
Beginner & Intermediate- Swell size: 3-8ft

Wind; W. WNW. WSW Swell; SW. SERight hander

Five Islands is a right-hand point break that runs hard and hollow on the shallow inside reef. Good right hander, one of the best and one of the most consistent breaks around the area. This wave breaks on a shallow reef and it gets shallow in the inside.

It breaks best from 4ft-8ft. It can hold big swells with the right conditions.
Advance - Swell size: 3-8ft

Wind: N Swell: SW. SE Right hander

As the name implies Two Ways offer an A-peak frame in Huvadhoo Atoll, with the right being usually better. Since it’s not particularly shallow, needs bigger swells to really light up.
Intermediate & Advanced - Swell size: 3-8ft

Wind: W. N Swell: SW. SE Left hander

Love Charms is one of the best waves in the area.
Left, great wave from takeoff to finish, nice tube on the inside breaks 2-10 feet needs w W to N and can be surfed on all tides.

It is a consistent left-hand break that works best on big swells and higher tides, with its two sections becoming one long and hollow wave.
Intermediate & Advanced -Swell size: 3-8ft

Wind:WN. NWSwell:SW. SE Right hander

Slow, and soft wave. Breaks best on big swells, good for the long boarding.

Antiques is just next of Tiger Stripes. This break is a smaller and friendlier right-hander, but also very consistent.
Beginner & Intermediate - Swell size: 2-6ft

Wind: N. NE. NWSwell: SW. SE Left hander

Breaks best on big and small swells. It has 3 sections. outside, middle section, and an inside section. When it gets big with the right swell direction, it can connect all the way through and finish on a shallow reef. It is probably the deepest break in the area. But inside can get shallow. Easy to surf up to 6 ft, and it get heavier with the bigger swell. It breaks best over 4ft.

Tiger Stripes, is a left-hand break known for its perfect barrels. This swell magnet is one of the waves that picks up most waves on this part of the Maldives.
Intermediate & Advanced - Swell size: 3-8ft

Wind: Swell: hander

KH is on the east cost, here there are two spots very close to each other that join in a single wave with large swells and favorable tide.

Wind: Swell: hander

There are also two more waves further north (north Huvadhoo atoll) located in Gaafu Alifu: KOODHOO & VILIGILI. These are exploited by all those who return by boat to Malè.

Wind: NW. N Swell: S Right hander

Right, island with the airport on it, has a right hander that is fun when the swell is large is on the west side of the atoll so doesn't receive as much swell as the other breaks. Beacons or barracuda point - right, one of the most powerful and hollowest wave in Maldives, faces south so picks up plenty of swell, needs NW or N wind so always better early season February to April. Pretty short ride with easy takeoff where you then line yourself up for the inside and the fun begins best on mid to high tide and can be surfed 2 to 10 feet.

TWIN BEAKS (Magudhdhuvaa)
Wind: NW. NNW Swell: S. SE Left/Right hander

It is a Left and a Right hander which breaks on a reef between 5 Islands and Love charms. It needs a big swell to break.

Wind: NW. N Swell: S Right hander

Left, across the channel from beacons we call it dhiraagu after the phone company in the Maldives as the island is shaped like a phone. A sort of fat ride on the takeoff and if the swell direction is right can link up with another section on the inside where it produces a bit more speed and power, needs same wind as beacons and can be surfed on all tides. Plenty of marine life around here common to see whale sharks.

Right hander
Right, also protected from S winds, gets hollow, best on mid to high tide.

Wind: W. NW Swell: S. SE Left/Right hander

Left and right, a Bombi in the middle of channel into atoll, not so hollow but a fun ride can be had the right usually being the pick needs W to NW wind.

Wind: W. N Swell: S. SE Left hander

Left, fun wave not so hollow but nice long walls to be had picks up plenty of swell and can be surfed all tides needs W to N winds. Note: There are some more spots on the top of the atoll (Gaafu Alifu) always smaller though as swell is blocked from the east side of the atoll which sticks out past these channels into the atoll.


Wind: NW Swell: SE-SW Left hander

Air Equator Lefts is located on the Meedhoo Island (Addu Atoll) this break offers some fast-hollow barrels.
Intermediate & Advanced - Swell size: 2-6ft

Wind: N Swell: SE-SW Right hander

This fun right-hand reef break is named after Shangri-La Resort on Villingili Island – which happens to be just out front of the accommodation.
Intermediate & Advanced - Swell size: 2-5ft

Wind: N Swell: SE-SW Left hander
To the south of Villingili Island on Addu Atoll, this fun left-hander is a swell magnet. Works best with no wind,
Intermediate & Advanced - Swell size: 2-10ft

Wind: N Swell: SE-SW Left hander

Located on the southern tip of Addu Atoll, this break is a swell magnet and is known for its peak being in front of the approach lights of the near airstrip. For accessing this peak you might want to set a land camp like Equator Village Resort and organize a dhoni to the surf.
Intermediate & Advanced - Swell size: 2-10ft

Are you already packing your bags?

With most of the surf yet to be discovered on a paradisiac setup, the Maldives is an endless adventure that will provide you one of the best

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