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Thematic Cruises – Maldives

Every year, Luxury Yacht Maldives, organizes THEMATIC CRUISES with the presence of experts in the field: week dedicated to SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH with insights related to the biology marine, DAN RESEARCH CRUISE a unique opportunity to experience an exciting sailing holiday in the Maldives,while participating in an innovative research project for DAN!

The WRECK EXPEDITION where you can become part of the  troupe and  you will be on television channel.

REBREATHER CRUISE gives you the chance to experience a diving cruise in the Maldives with your own rebreather, MANTA TRUST to find feeding aggregations and allow the guests to experience the wonder of immersing yourself amongst a feeding frenzy of these gentle giants.

Underwater PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP cared by professionals, FREE DIVE STAGE & DIVING CRUISE with Mike Maric, the world record breaking free diver, instructor and first assistant of U. Pellizzari’s record team and Diving & WELNESS CRUISE where will be present an Italian specialist in Ayurveda medicine who, together with our Indian masseur, will run a special program dedicated to Wellness.

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