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Diving & Wellness cruise

During this  week there will be a specialist in Ayurveda medicine who, together with our masseur, will run a special program dedicated to Wellness.
Program of the week and of the Ayurveda Treatments.
Introduction to Yoga

  • Ayurveda Philosophy.
  • Food and wellness.
  • Body purification, internally and externally through Vedic processes.
  • Types and benefits of the different massages.
  • Yoga and breathing. Theory and practice.
  • Exercises designed for the treatment of the spine and for posture problems.
  • 3 massages:
    Massage Neck, Shoulders and Back
    Most of the muscle tension builds up at these important parts of the body. This massage, with oils and herbs helps release muscle tension while relieving from pain as well as giving a feeling of total relaxation and wellness.
    Massage Special ‘Marma’ with 7 oils
    The traditional Ayurveda full body massage however made with 7 different oils and herb extracts. It helps regulate body functions, both physically and mentally as well as to maintain a general good health. It is recommended to reduce tension and muscle pain, improves the elasticity of the body, and promotes deeper and more efficient breathing.
    Ayurveda Massage “Abhyanga”
    The Abhyanga is an ayurvedic massage done with herbalized oil specific to the receiver's constitution and current state of imbalance. It is a deeply nourishing and nurturing treatment. Ideal for those suffering from imbalances of the nervous system (insomnia, constipation, anxiety, panic attacks, exhaustion).

During the whole week, our guests will have the opportunity to discover personalized treatments (on top of those already listed in our ‘massage menu’) and to practice Yoga according to their specific capacities and requests.

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