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Photo Workshop

In a country with around 1,200 islands to obstruct the horizon, you are spoiled for choice. It’s a visual spectacle that cannot leave you unnoticed, joined from the symphony of the sea in the background: an organ that contains notes played by the ebb and flow of the waves.

Given the multiple aspects of the diving universe in the Maldives, the beautiful colors of coral and fish, it is almost a moral obligation to capture with a camera these wonders of the nature.
The Photography week is an excellent way to learn new photo techniques, to awaken your creative approach and immerse yourself in the art of photography. Appropriate for both those who have just started or who wants to deepen and improve. During the week will be explain the basics of photography in theory and the participants will  put them immediately into practice. The more experiences will deepening on the macro, wide angle and special photos techniques
This week is designed to help you expand your knowledge and gain more experience in underwater photography.

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