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Scientific Cruise

Every year Luxury Yacht Maldives organizes the already well known ‘Scientific Cruise in the Maldives’ that has successfully reached the twentieth edition.
The cruise is coordinated by:
Dott.ssa Monica Montefalcone (marine ecologist – researcher at University of Genoa, Italy)
and under the auspices of:​
Prof. Carlo Nike Bianchi (marine ecologist – Professor at the University of Genoa, Italy)
Prof.ssa Carla Morri (marine biologist – Professor at the University of Genoa, Italy)
Prof. Francesco Luigi Cinelli (marine biologist – Professor at the University of Pisa, Italy)
The Scientific Cruise originated in 1996 by the initiative of Paolo Colantoni, Francesco Luigi Cinelli, Massimo Sandrini and Dodi Telli is an opportunity to observe the research methods and to follow closely, actively
supporting them, studies conducted for many years by the researchers from Italian Universities associated with the International School for Scientific Diving (ISSD Onlus), by members of the Center of Marine Tropical
Ecology (CEMT) of CoNISMa, the International Academy of Sciences and Underwater Techniques and by the marine biologists from the Genoa Aquarium.
The study of the structure and functioning of the complex system of coral reefs, which make the Maldives the fantastic "Country of Atolls", is crucial for the research activities as well s for a conscious and th erefore not
invasive use of the environment. A special attention, in recent years, has been paid to monitoring the health of coral reefs and monitoring their recovery over time as a result of events of mass mortality.
The scientific cruise is thus a unique opportunity to match the ever fascinating diving in the seas of the Maldives with diving dedicated to the study and the understanding of tropical ecology. Nevertheless, the
routes followed by the boat are the same as a normal tourist/underwater cruise, so that participation by nonresearchers in the "scientific" activities is entirely free. On board or on a beach, then it will be a pleasure to
explore various themes together with the researchers, following meetings/lectures totally informal, and acquiring so new knowledge on the marine environment to discover the complexity of the phenomena that
characterize the dynamics of these environments.
Every evening conferences in English and Italian languages.

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