Diving Points

Diving and swimming among hundreds of fish and corals in the beautiful crystalline waters of the Maldives is a must for all passionate divers; doing it onboard of a comfortable cruising yacht is by far the best way to enjoy this underwater paradise getting the best out of it with the least effort. Thanks to a long cruising experience, Luxury Yacht Maldives fleet is studied to fulfil all guests expectations; the yachts will take you through the best itineraries to reveal the best places at the right time of the year.

In Maldives you will be amazed by schools of grey reef sharks, undisturbed manta rays dancing around among divers, underwater caves covered by colored soft corals and gorgonians, or giant Napoleon fish, as big as a human being.
All this is in the most world famous underwater paradise.

As far as the dives are concerned, the choice is immense, but it is important to know the currents and the tides very well in order to choose the best side of the atoll and the right dive site according to time of the year; all factors that influence the quality of the dive itself.

Our professional Diving Team has a long experience and the necessary instruments to take you to the best spots of these enchanted places. Dive Masters, Ali and Rasheed, have been working with us for more than 20 years.

In the Maldives the various dive sites can be classified into 4 major types:

  • Diving along the external reef of the atoll  (ocean reef)
  • Diving on the ‘thilas’ inside the atoll or in the channel
  • Diving in ‘passes’  (kandu)
  • Diving wrecks ‘around the Giri’

Along the coral reef, on the external side of the atoll, you will be surrounded by a multitude of coral fish, Napoleons, turtles, sharks and lots of other big pelagic fish, like tunas, jacks and barracudas. These dives are usually ‘drift diving’.

Inside the lagoon on ‘Thilas’ (underwater coral pinnacles) the water is generally shallower, and the top of the "Thilas" starts between 5 to 15 metres below the surface.
Thilas are madreporic formations emerging from the sandy bottom of the sea, with a rich variety of marine life hiding in small caves and clefts.

Dives on Thilas are generally suitable for beginners too, depend on the current. Thilas are very often ideal spots for night dives as well (except for those located in passes or subject to strong currents). Thilas provide day organisms with a place to hide during the night.

It is very common to spot trigger fish hidden in the reef cavities with only their tails out, or big green turtles sleeping on massive madreporas, coloured parrot fish wrapped around in their gooey cocoons. Their mucus creates this thick shield enveloping the parrotfish as it settles down to rest at night. It takes about an hour for the parrotfish to complete this process. Such protection deceives predatory species  hunting by smell. All this amazing marine life is surrounded by bioluminescent phytoplankton creating a surreal experience.
Some of the Maldivian Thilas are considered to be among the 10 best dives sites in the world; Maalhoss Thila is a good example.

Dives in oceanic ‘passes’ (kandu or channel) are mostly appreciated by expert divers looking for strong emotions; these spots offer amazing encounters with pelagic fish of massive dimensions. ‘Passes’ are channels connecting the smooth and quite waters of the lagoons with the open ocean, the ‘doorway’ to the atoll; here the currents can be strong and bring lots of food to all kind of pelagic which aggregate in the area.

Be prepared to experience a lot of action with the savvy guides of Luxury Yacht Maldives diving Team!

Last but not least are dives on shipwrecks, which cannot be missed in the Maldives and amaze most of the divers.

Dives on wrecks offer a chance to discover how the marine life adapts itself to the sunken ships creating a small ecosystem for larvae to grow into invertebrates, but also as perfect hiding place for a variety of fish. In the Maldivian archipelago there are mainly two major seasons, the dry one (monsoon from North-East) and the wet one (monsoon from South-West). During the dry season, from December to May, the sea is generally calm and the sky is crystal blue, while during the wet season, from June to November, there might be some rain along with strong wind and rough sea. As far as the dives are concerned it is very important to take into consideration the currents direction. The North-East monsoon pushes the plankton West, while the South-West monsoon towards East.

Therefore on one side of the atolls the water is full of plankton and opaque, but with the chance to meet manta rays, whale sharks and lots more; while the other side of the atoll is the perfect place to take amazing pictures of the placid and turquoise blue waters typical of the Maldives. For all these reasons, in order to have the chance to watch manta rays during the North-East monsoon, the best place is the West side of the atolls, while during the South-West monsoon the best is the East side.

In the Maldives the interrelations among currents, tides and monsoon winds are quite tangled; therefore a thorough knowledge of the natural environment is a must to enjoy in safety the dives in this wonderful paradise. Our Diving Team will help you discover all of the underwater mysteries.

The boat-leader will explain to you all the varieties and choices offered on the liveaboard cruise; you will be free to choose the right one for you. The itineraries will be custom made (weather allowing) according to guests expectations.

Those who choose to spend a relaxing holiday on a resort island will have the opportunity to enjoy all day dive sites around the area from the island, while those who choose for a liveaboard cruise will be in different dive sites hopping from one atoll to the other being directly on the chosen dive site. Once you have your dive gear ready you just need to jump into the crystal clear waters in order to make your dreams come true.

Diving Courses

On our cruises we offer all PADI diving courses from basic to the higher levels.
Course registration can be determined directly on board. A report at the time of booking, however, is advisable for a better organization.

PADI BUBBLEMAKER – for children
the maximum depth they are allowed to reach is in fact only 2 meters / 6 feet.
Prerequisites: minimum age 8 years.

PADI SEAL TEAM – for the youngest
The PADI Seal Team is for young divers who are looking for action-packed fun in a pool by doing exciting scuba AquaMissions. Have you ever wondered what it's like to dive with flashlights, take digital pictures underwater or float effortlessly like an astronaut? These are AquaMissions that introduce you to wreck, navigation, buoyancy, underwater photography, environmental awareness and more.
Prerequisites: minimum age 8 years.

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program enables people to try diving for the first time under the strict supervision of one of our instructors and in conditions of absolute safety.
Prerequisites: minimum age 10 years

The PADI Scuba Diver course is a solution suitable even for those who don’t have much time to engage in their underwater adventure.
Prerequisites: minimum age 10 years for Junior PADI Scuba Diver, 15 years for PADI Scuba Diver

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the most popular first level course with international validity and no expiry, which enables participants to dive up to a depth of 18 meters.
Prerequisites: minimum age 10 years for Junior Open Water Diver
Prerequisites: 15 years for Open Water Diver

It is a second level course comprising three specialty dives chosen by students according to their interests. This is a necessary step which gives access to the Advanced Open Water Course.

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course comprises five specialty dives (only 2 if in possession of an Adventure Diver certificate) and gives participants the chance to try some of the most useful and gratifying diving specialty activities, such as deep diving, navigation diving, naturalistic diving and many more.
Prerequisites: minimum age 12 years for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver.
Prerequisites: 15 years for Advanced Open Water Diver.

We also offer the chance to take part in specialty courses such as Deep diving, Drift diving, Marine biology, Nitrox and many more.

EFR courses supply the basic knowledge needed to respond in case of medical emergencies. These courses are not linked to diving activities but supply useful information which can also be used in everyday life to assist family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.
Prerequisites: none

The words that best describe the PADI Rescue Diver course are challenge and fulfillment. This course will broaden your knowledge and your level of experience.
Prerequisites: second level certificate (PADI Adv Open Water Diver or equivalent). Minimum. age 12 years.

Join the leisure scuba-diving elite by becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver– the top non- professional leisure certificate issued by PADI, which can be obtained by gaining diving experience and by taking part in specialty courses.
Prerequisites: 50 recorded dives; PADI Rescue Diver or Junior Rescue Diver PADI certificate (or equivalent certification), 12 years old and 5 PADI Specialty certificates.

DAN diving insurance (or equivalent) IS COMPULSORY (short term Dan insurance available on request at booking.

Diving Dhoni service

The Maldives are the only place in the world that offer, for top category cruises, a convenient support boat, the "DIVING DHONI".

This 15/20 m. boat is an ideal vessel for running diving activities. All diving and sports equipment are kept onboard, including cylinders filling station, and all guests have their own comfortable and assigned place for diving. The diving dhoni can be used not only for diving but also for fishing, snorkeling, hiking and other sports or activities.


DIVING DHONI - Name: MAHAL with cabin for the crew

Lenght 18 mt Captain 1
Width 6 mt Crew 2
Engine Doosan 200 Hp Overall people capacity 24 pax
Toilette YES Fresh water YES
Fresh water tank YES Diving baskets YES
Fresh water tank for cameras YES Ladder 1
Safety buoys 2 Life jackets 35
Fire Extinguishers 2 Emergency kit   YES
Dry dock Every year Oxygen masks 1 free flow/1 normal flow
Medical Oxygen 1 tank Sano sub 5lt Generator 1 KOHLR 800 40kw
Compressors 2 Coltri MCH16 Electric Nitrox Compressor 1 Coltri LP280 Electric
Defibrillator YES Spinal Barrel YES
Nautilus Life Line YES    


DIVING DHONI - Name: NIUMATH with cabin for the crew

Lenght 16 mt Captain 1
Width 5,5  mt. Crew 2
Engine Daewoo 120 HP Overall people capacity 22 pax
Toilette YES Fresh water YES
Fresh water tank Upon request Diving baskets YES
Fresh water tank for cameras Upon request Ladder 1
Safety buoys 1 Life jackets 25
Fire Extinguishers 1 Emergency kit 1
Dry dock Every year Oxygen Masks 1 Free Flow
1 Normal Flow
Medical Oxygen 1 tank 13lt (DAN)) Generator  
Compressors Coltri 
1xMCH 13
1xMCH16 + 1MCH 13
Nitrox Compressor 1 Coltri LP280 Electric
Defibrillator YES Spinal Barrel YES
Nautilus Life Line YES    


Snorkelling is a simple way of observing the underwater world and getting in touch with it. Using basic equipment this type of sea excursion enables participants to observe the sea depths and to have fun in the water without having to be skillful swimmers.

To guarantee maximum enjoyment of the wonders of the ocean, participants will be accompanied by an expert guide. During the excursions the guide will share useful information about the creatures spotted and on the characteristics of the site, as well as showing the best observation spots to watch fascinating scenery and sea life. The guide will also give useful advice on equipment and techniques to be used when entering or exiting the water.

Minimum equipment includes mask, flippers and snorkel. A snorkeling jacket is advisable for those who want to feel safer or remain at surface. All equipment can be hired on the boat.

We propose 3 guided snorkeling exits per day,  when the site is the same as diving, guests can go out by dhoni with divers.  In case it is a different place they will use the dinghy provided with a boarding ladder to climb back up.
Snorkeling from shore can be done every time we disembark on islands or sandbanks.


  • On request, (the service is free) available onboard kayak for short excursions around the yacht.
  • On Duke of York: 1 double seat kayak and 1 single seat kayak
  • On Conte Max: 1 double seat kayak


CHILDREN & FAMILY, welcome onboard!

On board of our yachts, we could not overlook to organize special programs devoted to and children.

For the very young ones we organize the first approach to the spectacular underwater world and its variety of colored reef fishes: with mask, fins and snorkel they will learn day by day how to use the equipment while enjoying the warm sea and the beauty of this pristine paradise.

As of 8 years old, with the program PADI SEAL TEAM & BUBBLEMAKER, children try their first dive with regulator; these programs are run at a maximum depth of 2 meters and are managed by qualified instructors who, through playful methods, teach children the necessary information for a safe underwater experience and make them aware of marine life and how to respect it.

Being face to face with a puffer fish, watching a turtle while eating and spotting a moray eel in its house are only some of the unforgettable experiences that will trigger in kids the passion for the sea.

As of 10 years old, the first complete underwater adventure starts: the Open Water Diver Junior!

Luxury & Wellness

On our Yachts we have developed a concept of cruise which combines the regenerative wellness inspired by such a breathtaking location as the Maldives with a rather unique concept of on-board wellbeing, represented by a small massage center specialized in Ayurveda treatments. A masseur is always on board.

Ayurveda means life science and has been considered to be a medical practice. This ancient therapy, dating back over 6,000 years, will purify you from the toxins which are obstructing your energy channels, while natural oil- and herb-based massage will relax both your mind and your body.

Nothing is more appreciated than being cuddled after a long day of marine activities.



Wishing to add some fishing trip to your holiday? A liveaboard cruise is definitely your best choice and a fishing Dhoni can well perform as dinghy for all your needs. Seaworthy in heavy sea, the fishing Dhoni is a comfortable vessel, suitable for fishing and diving activities. The Dhoni’s large stern can easily accommodate a good number of fishing rods and its deck features comfortable and shaded benches for relaxing between catches.

If you are a fishing addict you can have fun on the boat just doing some Bolentino (bottom fishing).

In the evening, after dinner, you can indulge in the Bolentino in a sheltered lagoon. It is a very simple fishing technique: if performed with light equipment it can be very amusing and rewarding. Catching 5 kg red snappers and jacks from a 40/50 m bottom, using the same small rods we use to fish oblades and other small preys, can be fulfilling as daytime deep sea fishing. Yet, in the evening the most active guests can attempt the last cropping up fishing technique: the Vertical Jigging. This demanding technique can be enchanting as few techniques can be. You will be amazed at how a colored piece of lead bouncing on the bottom - if you know how to maneuver it - can work: it can turn the least aggressive fish species into real frenzies.


It is definitely the most practiced technique worldwide. Trolling is performed mainly on outer reefs and blue waters, aimed at all big-game fish and reef predators that hang around deep drop offs. Not forgetting the chance to catch some marlin while cruising between atolls, the peculiar big-game of the Maldives is thesailfish. There are many majestic sail fishes in the Maldives, from 30 to 50 kg, that once hooked will perform spectacular jumps. They are not great fighters, but the retrieval of a big sailfish is absolutely a great experience.

While other fishes can get hooked just sailing above the 7/8 knot of speed, the sailfish follows the wake of the konas, and starts to hit them several times with its sword. At this point we have to loosen our reel friction and keep the lure free to flutter as an injured fish. Once the fish has swallowed the bait, we have to strike several times with energy. It can happen to have a number of sailfishes in the wake of the lures, once we managed to have 4 sailfishes on 4 trolling rods, while at the same time a Maldivian boy was able to get another sailfish to play with the lures 10 metres from the stern. We can also catch dogtoothtunas, yellowfin tunas from 10 to 30 kg., huge barracudas up to 25 kg, plenty of 10 to 20 kg wahoo and also dorados, rainbow runners and some red snapper.

4 x 30 lb. trolling rods, 2 of them fitted with octopus or kona to be trolled at the surface at 50/60 m. behind the stern, a 120 lbs. (at least) steel leader, pulleys and 150 /200 lbs. snap hooks and also lures fitted with long shank, straight eye hooks, sized from 6/0 to 8/0. The other 2 rods, positioned closer to the stern - from 20 to 30 m – will be fitted with artificial lures as rapala, hidro-magnum and bonita. It is also suggested, as well as the use of a steel leader, to replace the standard treble hooks with the stronger 4/0 and 5/0 ones and split rings. In the Maldives a bait is never too big. 5 or 6 kg fishes usually attack a 22 cm rapala. Use bright colors for the lures: yellow, orange, green-yellow and the everlasting red-head are the optimum.

THE BOLENTINO (bottom fishing)
The calmness of the lagoon conceals a big vitality below the surface. In the darkness of night big game-fish swim underneath the boat, including sharks, ready to still your catch as you retrieve. You can fish jacks, red snappers, groupers and a kind of grey-greenish sea-bass with scary teeth!

Medium strength Bottom fishing rods - from 100 to 200 gr burden - a good 0,40 line in the reel and 50 lb metal leader. A couple of Sabiki (multi-hook Japanese lure) can be useful to capture some mackerel to use as bait and… here we start.

Developed in Japan about 15 years ago, this new fishing technique is exponentially spreading worldwide with a steadily increasing number of enthusiasts. Preys are the same as Bolentino even though Vertical Jigging can better select the size of the preys.

If possible, use dedicated 30/50 lb. rods. Rods must be very light, and the length of their handles must be long enough to allow the specific manoeuvres, powerful reels, fitted with a multi-fibre line - minimum 60 lbs.- 10 m of nylon 100 leader, a steel cable and a 150 to 250 gr. jig. Preferably use the wider shaped jigs instead of the ‘long’ kind used in the Mediterranean.

This well-known technique is practiced worldwide, but in the Maldives it can reach its maximum expression. We will sail along the reef searching for feeding signs of giant trevallies, then we will drop a popper or a skipping lure right on the spot: the sudden turmoil beneath the surface will leave us speechless. If retrieved quickly at the surface our bar shaped lure will induce fishes to swerve and nose up among plenty of sprays. Fishes: the most powerful – up to 30 kg - giant trevallies, then barracudas, dogtooth tunas and red snappers.

Spinning rods up to 300 gr burden, very powerful reels, 200 m. - at least – 70 lbs minimum strength multi fibre line and steel wire. For lures, poppers are our first choice – up to 20-22 cm of length – then skipping lures and pensils

The season in the Maldives runs from October to April and all trips are planned to co-incide with the best tides.  Most of the fishing takes place either on the flats or in the surf zone of the numerous uninhabited islands.  Ideally anglers will require a 9 weight and a 12 weight rod fitted with sturdy saltwater reels that have reliable drags. The main species taken on the flats are triggers, snapper, bluefin-, yellow spot-, and giant trevally with the occasional barracuda, bonefish and permit.  The surf zone produces a multitude of snapper and rock cod species, green jobfish, giant trevally and an abundance of bluefin trevally. On the flats you will be sight-fishing to bluefin-, yellowspot-, bigeye- and giant trevally. 

The flats are also home to abundant triggerfish that provide flyanglers ample challenging opportunities to target these very exclusive fish. To target giant trevally on the flats or in the surf, 12 weight rods are essential. Giant trevally up to 90 pounds are often seen and a number in excess of 60 pounds have been landed.   In the recent past lemon sharks and giant barracuda have been hooked but not landed due to being bitten off.


Sun, sand and surf, a thousand ‘Robinson Crusoe’ islands, widest lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, fantastic waves breaking on the reefs, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical surfing holiday destination.

Waves throughout the Maldives generally range in size from 4 to 8 feet, however bigger waves have been experienced. The best waves can be experienced from March to October, with the huge swells likely to occur in June/July/August. There is something for everyone when you surf the Maldives, it is possible to escape crowds and enjoy some of the warmest most pristine water you have ever experienced.

Due to location of the sites it’s impossible to surf all the spots staying in one island resort. Most of the surfers make use of liveaboard to surf the different spots around North and South Male' atolls, Meemu and Dhaalu atolls, Huvadhoo atoll and others. This is a brand new experience for the surfers and offers the chance to surf as many spots as you wish. Touring on boats allows total flexibility, maximizing your surfing time. Wake up to perfect waves at sunrise, followed by hearty breakfast, one more surfing session and maybe sample some of the best fishing in the world. Lunch is on the deck - it could be that huge fish you caught in the morning or during the night fishing.

Important Factors For Wave Surfers In Maldives
Surfing areas will be visited by boat. The surfing area is very limited and to avoid overcrowding, numbers are limited to 25 to 30 people. Depending on the route of the surf trips. All Surfers must be aware they are responsible for their Own Safety.

During the last few years, Maldivian islands travellers have discovered the wonder and the art of surfing, for the energetic holiday makers. There are surfing spots throughout the country, but due to the geographical distribution of the islands, more remote surf points are untouched in Southern atolls.

Wedding & Honeymoon

It is undeniable that marrying and flying to a beautiful, desert, tropical island is the ultimate dream of all romantic women since their childhood. To make a dream come true, Luxury Yacht Maldives organizes unconventional wedding ceremonies on board of their yachts during cruises. The boat’s Captain will hold the ceremony for you on an amazing white sandy beach on a desert island in the middle of the Maldivian ocean, surrounded by turquoise waters. If desired, the party can continue with a barbecue on the beach: seafood, lobsters, champagne and a romantic views until sunset.

Convention/Incentive Group

Our two yachts bring real, extra value to Luxury Yacht Maldives tours, as well as a valuable alternative to classic incentive trips in the Maldives. A liveaboard cruise on our boats offers relaxing moments, several leisure activities, wonderful and different sceneries every day to share together while touring islands  in the most amazing atolls in the world. The fleet includes luxury motor yachts – M/Y Duke of York and M/Y Conte Max – with cabins offering all kind of comfort; Italian, local and international cuisine, solariums on two decks, tenders for all water activities and a small massage  center with exclusive Ayurveda treatments.

Water sports include: scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and surf.

To widen furthermore the offer in Maldives, we propose unique incentive programs, combining a liveaboard cruise and a stay in the most exclusive resorts of the Maldives archipelago.

Luxury Yacht Maldives optimize travel-related expenses through vendors networks and booking systems; we constantly and carefully compare prices on the market.

  • We’re by your side before, during and after the trip, and we provide assistance in case of any transport disruption.
  • Our staff has a decades-long experience in BT, incentive and tourism.
  • We’re efficient in response timing: within one hour from the request with travel documents transmission at the same time of booking confirmation.

Dedicated office for any information, booking or document issuing. Those choosing -for their company- an incentive stay, find in Luxury Yacht Maldives the ideal partner to satisfy any leisure need, with the best facilities for potential business meetings, both in boats or resorts, in Maldives and other destinations in the world.

Cruises Combined with an Island/Resort Stay

On our portal you will find a wide choice of islands, all carefully selected with resorts, eco-hotels or guest houses. All our cruise trips can be combined with a stay at one of the best resorts.